Hello friends –  I’m going to just get right down to business in this post.  I am on fire lately and I really want to share some thoughts with you.  I’m thinking about the value of taking a step back, reevaluating, and then digging into the hard work of sifting.  I could be talking about your closet or the junk drawer, but then again, I could be talking about your life… or mine.

It’s been welling up for quite a while now.  

I know you’ve felt it before.  It starts as a whisper…. sort of a fleeting thought that says, “Ah, I should really take a step back sometime and think about whether or not there might be a better way.”  But you don’t because… well…. you know… life.  Then it becomes more of a “This really shouldn’t keep going on like this.  I need to reassess.”  And you might even start that time, but then you get distracted or subconsciously self-sabotage your meager first attempts because… it’s sunny outside, and there are dishes in the sink, and the kids need lunches, and you really should wash your hair.  This could go on for quite a while.

But when the universe knocks and you don’t answer, it doesn’t go away.  It slaps you upside the head until you have no choice but to listen.  

You get sick.  You over-work.  You snap at your kids.  You blame your spouse.  You let Fear into the driver’s seat and drive like a mad-man.  Until finally, you are left with no other choice but to stop and listen.  And the Universe says,

“Now that I have your attention, there’s something I’ve been trying to tell you.” 

You breathe …and listen… and breathe…..  and listen….. and breathe….. and listen….

And finally you get still enough to connect back in.  “Ahhh… here I am.”  you breathe.  You awaken. 

And once you see it, you cannot unsee.  It’s time to reassess.  Where am I headed? How am I spending my precious minutes on this planet? Is it where I’m meant to be?  Is it aligned with my values?  Is it aligned with the truest me?  My authentic self? Does it light me up?  Am I serving the world in the most meaningful way?  Do I feel whole and connected?  Am I grateful?   This is the sifting.  This is the soul work.  It’s hard, but it is so so so good.  You go from overjoyed and grateful one moment to completely terrified and filled with uncertainty the next.  Back and forth between the extremes like a boat adrift in wild seas.  All the while you’re still sifting, sorting out what can stay and what serves no purpose any more.  You thank it and let it go.  Lots of these culled parts of your life have sentimental value, but no longer serve you or others.  Letting go of these parts is especially emotional and confusing.


Often it comes down to a matter of letting go of what is good to make room for the amazing.  

Sometimes you have to let go of what is comfortable and familiar for yourself and those around you just to make space for something new to grow.  Sometimes you won’t even know what it is until you make the space.  But you know there’s something there.  It’s like a tiny glowing ember down deep in the ashes.  You can feel a little warmth down in there, but that’s it.  And when you make space, open the windows to air things out – WOOSH!  It sparks up into a full blown flame.

Set your life on fire and seek those who fan your flames. – Rumi

This is the process  – whether it’s the junk drawer, your closet, your life, your community, our country, or our world.  And I am feeling it on all sorts of levels right now.  My guess is you have been feeling it too – at least with the junk drawer.  Am I right?   Thought so.  So I’ve just started to feel the flames and I’m here to tell you,

Stop ignoring the whispers.  The world needs you.  Jump in and do the work.  It’s so worth it.  

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With gratitude for you and your unique gifts.  Thank you for showing up as the truest YOU possible.

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