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Wow.  Can you believe spring has finally arrived?  I know. I know.  In some parts of the world, spring has been here for months… You may even be thinking more summery thoughts by now.  But here in the mountains, spring has just arrived, and boy am I ever glad she’s here.  I love the renewal of life, new beginnings and fresh energy.  But, if you’re anything like me, you have to check yourself when you feel the burst of spring energy.  Often, the hustle of spring cleaning, house projects, outdoor activities, birthday parties, lessons, and team sports can leave you wound up and wiped out in short order.  That’s why this mama is trying out a new motto…

Mama don’t play that game anymore.

“What game?” you ask.  I’m referring to the fast, busy, crazy, breathless, over-worked, perfectionist-driven, never enough, over-scheduled, exhausted, burnt-out, prove-your-self-worth-through-outward-accomplishments game.  You know the one?  Yes, lots of people do – especially the mamas.  And lately, this mama don’t wanna play that game anymore.

What if the game missed the point?

This may sound crazy, but I think I’m just now waking up to the idea that this game we’re all playing is actually a sham.  In fact, the rat race, achieving, measuring up, and climbing – it’s just really not as important and we’ve been led to believe.  What if what really mattered was the stuff that we already have?  You know, like love, each other, nature, gratitude, joy, and stillness?  What if we’ve been feeding all our energy into a black hole of busyness – desperately trying to prove our self-worth when actually we’ve had it all along?

This ain’t a news flash.  So why isn’t this idea the norm?

Not a new idea, right?  I know.  Then why are we perpetuating these destructive beliefs in our culture?  I can’t figure it out.  And to be fair, these are not just “Mommy” issues—these are human issues.  We are all striving too hard to achieve too much.  How we work and live, the pressure to spend so much time at work, or live up to crazy ideals, it’s just not the mamas that are doing it.  We all are.  And it’s affecting all of us.  I think most people recognize that it’s not healthy and some even realize that it’s not sustainable. So why are we still playing the game?  Is this overwork culture just the price we have to pay for being such an enormously wealthy and productive economy?  I don’t think so.

I’m not suggesting we all go quit our jobs tomorrow.

But I am suggesting that maybe we can change the rules to the game – at least for ourselves.  Have you ever played one of those “cooperative games” with your kids?  You know the ones where you work together so everyone wins?  It’s your team against the game.  What if we played the game of life like that?

What if you went into the game knowing you already won?

You have all that you need.  Then how would you play?  What would you do?   It would certainly change things, huh?   I haven’t fully explored how this could play out, but it feels like a path I want to pursue.  Care to join me?

Mother’s Day is around the corner.  Let’s start by showing ourselves, our mothers, our grandmothers and our kids what it could look like if you changed the rules to the game.  Let’s shower the mothers in our lives with the kind of love that comes from knowing you are enough – right now.  We can show our daughters, mothers and grandmothers what it looks like to stop playing the relentless game and grant ourselves and these beloved women grace and peace.

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