Hello friends,

I’m feeling like a light has been rekindled in my heart after participating in the women’s march in Portland last weekend.  It was powerful and moving and renewed my faith in humanity all at once.  So good.  Following this experience (and in light of Valentine’s Day coming up in a few weeks), I’m feeling that love is in the air. 

“The more people we love, the greater humanity becomes.”  ~ Anthony Douglas Williams


So this week, I invite you to take some time to think about those in your circles and how you can express your love for them.   Being a paper artist, I often leave love notes…

For me, my little man is one of the first people that comes to mind when I think of my loved ones.  There’s nothing quite like holding his hand in mine and watching as he explores the magic of the natural world.  This mixed media collage incorporates layers of paper, paint, text and ink to capture the love imbued in these simple moments from both the parent and child’s perspectives.  Messages tucked into the piece read “whom I love”,  “in love”, “a gentle pace” and “truth”.  This image is available in my shop as an 8×10″ print or greeting card.  This one would make a sweet love note to give your kiddos or grand-kiddo…

And of course, my hubby is another person I  give my love to.  Sometimes the most powerful expression of love is just being present for one another.  Nature knows this best of course.  These white love birds remind us of this truth as they sit warming each other on a snow-dusted tree branch.  Available in my shop as a 8×10″ print or card.  Maybe a gift for your love bird?

How about some love for your parents?  This image shows a parent and child sharing a special moment in the garden together.  This art print or greeting card would make a fitting “I love you” gift to acknowledge and honor a parent or parent figure in your life.  Subtle messages incorporated into this piece say “connection” and “living in harmony” – honoring those special parenthood moments.  Available here.


No matter how you choose to express your love, remember, it all matters.  Small actions often make the biggest impact.


Love and light to you my friends!


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