This week I found inspiration in an unexpected place and I really felt compelled to share it with you.  Here in the Pacific Northwest we’ve had a ridiculous amount of snow, rain, sleet, ice – precipitation in all its forms.  It has been relentless and while I know it is so so so good for the water table, aquifers, rivers, streams ,and all that depend on them – I am feeling beat down by all the energy given to managing life in this weather.  This coupled with the craziness and uncertainty of the political climate has left me (and so many others I know) feeling disoriented, tired and a little crazy.  Inspiration has been fleeting when it comes.  But this week I found inspiration in a big way and in a really unexpected place…

I found inspiration in the mess. 

Honestly, I can’t take credit for finding this inspiration.  It totally came from listening to Rob Bell’s podcast, “The Robcast” on Sunday and his recent show called “That Thing in the Air“.  *If you are not familiar with Rob Bell, take a quick break and go visit his website or watch a video or two of him speaking, then come back here.  I am an avid follower/listener/reader.

I felt like he was talking directly to me and he totally gave words/validation/purpose to this inexplicable drive I’ve had over the last several years to honor our connection to each other and the natural world in all aspects of my life, but most fervently through my art.
So when I listened to Rob’s podcast, I just had one “aha” moment after another.  He says, “The higher consciousness that we are all being called into is that we are all a body sharing this planet.”  This is exactly what I have been feeling for many years but haven’t been able to put it into words. I’ve been driven to put it into art. 
The big hit-me-upside-the-head “aha” moment was when he was talking about the general dis-ease we are all feeling right now with the state of the world and political climate and health of our planet as “waking up”.  He says, “Humanity is waking up to how we are deeply interdependent when it comes to caring for our earth, when it comes to justice for the poor…” Yes. Yes. Yes.  I love the idea that we are waking up and that waking up can be really awkward and uncomfortable.  This is the confusion/disorientation feeling that so many I know have been experiencing.  But we are waking up.  Coincidence that my word of the year is “Awakening“?  I think not.
Waking up can be awkward, but it can also be awesome. – Rob Bell
Jordan Kim trust sailboat nautical wall art mixed media collage
The mess is the awakening.  And the awakening is a beautiful thing.  It’s what needs to happen.  I believe it is what we are being begged by the universe to do right now.  And the dis-ease is a symptom of being on this path of awakening.  This was so inspiring, so helpful and made me feel a deeper level of connection with the others in the body of our collective humanity – like you, and Rob Bell.  😉

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