Happy New Year!  Wow, wow, wow.  Can you believe it’s 2017?  I’m so grateful for all that 2016 brought us including a new, temporary home surrounded by an amazing community of friends and neighbors,  a new pre-school for our little man, venturing into the wholesale market in my business, pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone, and so much more.  I feel like we’re headed for some major shifts this year.  Our political climate is the most obvious looming change, but I believe there are some big shifts ahead environmentally, spiritually and socially as well.  And for me, I feel the call to take some action.

This year, I feel the need more than ever to get really intentional about what I want to bring into my life.

I have a tradition of choosing a word of the year for many years now (“Trust” for 2012, “Alive” for 2013, “Fly” for 2014, “Space” for 2015, and “Thrive” in 2016).  Some years the word chooses me.  This year, I had a hard time choosing.  The words that were calling to me were things like: resurgence, deliberate, conscious, intentional, renaissance, consistency, participate, abundance, and rebirth.  I am feeling a call to take deliberate, conscious action.  I want to be very specific and conscientious about what I’m manifesting in my life.  And I feel like it will take some serious attention – like the kind of dedication, strength, and stamina that it takes to bring about a totally new way of being.

That’s why I chose “awakening” as my word for 2017.  

I was inspired by the Adyashanti quote incorporated into the image above,

“The whole journey of awakening, of realizing what we really are, is not simply so that we bask in this realization of freedom.  It is so that, finally, life can express itself through us.”

My intention is to move through 2017 with my eyes open, my mind present, and my heart connected to my higher wisdom.   That’s not too much to ask is it?  😉

To help me on start down this path, I participated in Andrea Scher’s Manifesting 2017 mini e-course.  It really offered a beautiful way of honoring 2016 and beginning the new year by consciously creating what lies ahead.  I highly recommend it!

And as always, thank you so much for following along on my creative journey.  I wish you a year full of creativity, inspiration, and powerful manifestation! If you hold any ceremony or tradition around the new year, please share in the comments below.


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