Hello friends!  And happy new year (a little late, but hey…)! Can you believe it’s 2016?!  It seems like a year that felt soo far away not that long ago.  And now here we are.  While we’re not teleporting through space or flying in little space cars like the Jetsons…yet, it still seems like we’ve landed in the years that I used to think about when people talked about “the future”.  And I can honestly say that I feel really, really good about “the future” that is now my present. 

This past month, I’ve taken a few moments to reflect on 2015 – which was one hell of a year for me and our little family.  I had sickness and a major health scare humble me in ways I hope to never forget, nor repeat.  I’m grateful for the lessons, my health and so ready to let that year go.  We had a lovely quiet holiday of soaking up family, the return of a beautiful, snowy winter, and space to pause, appreciate and get excited for the year ahead.

I’ve been choosing a word of the year for a several years now (“Trust” for 2012, “Alive” for 2013, “Fly” for 2014, and “Space” for 2015).  I am always amazed at how perfectly aligned my words have been when I look back on the year.   I  find it to be a refreshing alternative to setting a New Year’s resolution.

It’s a way to manifest what you want to bring into your life in the new year.

And this year, after a year focused on the need for self-care, space and healing, I am ready to THRIVE.

Mixed media collage of grass widows breaking through the snow.

The January image from my 2016 wall calendar.

Yes, my word for 2016 is Thrive. 

Both my hubby and I feel it in the air this year.  It’s almost tangible.  Have you ever felt like you were on the cusp of something big, but not sure quite what?  Well we’ve been feeling that for the last 3-6 months and now it is time.  Big changes are ahead for us all in different ways this year.  We see ourselves expanding, growing, cultivating, developing, and flourishing.  It has begun in some ways already and it feels good, authentic, real, BIG, uncomfortable, and a little shaky – as stepping out of your comfort zone always is.  This is a year where we own our stories, show up, step up, and step out in new ways, and above all – THRIVE.  It’s fascinating to me that our whole little family has reached this turning point individually and as a whole at the same time.  It feels totally right.  While I do feel the uncertainty and vulnerability of it all, I also feel some certainty that the universe has got our backs and we are exactly where we are meant to be.

I wish the same for you, wherever you are in your path.

May you thrive and grow in ways you didn’t know were possible this year.

As always, thanks for following along on my creative journey.  I’m so so grateful for your support.

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