Hello friends!  This past weekend I took a break from the business stuff to get into the studio and create a little! I decided to go ahead and throw my hat (or shoes in this case) into Lilla Roger’s 2015 Global Talent Search competition.  Here’s a sneak peak at my entry and the process…

Although the theme of the first assignment was quite open, (we were asked to design a pair of shoes for a trendy gal in NYC), I decided to try to tie it right into my recent floral collection.  I’m learning that the ecologist in me never lets me miss an opportunity to create a connection to the natural world. I especially love a chance to give the urbanites in our midst a little taste of nature.  So I decided to focus on peonies (I had been meaning to add some to my floral collection anyway!)  Here are few process pics:


Choosing a color palette

I have a massive collection of markers that I like to use to help me choose a color palette.  I play around with combinations until I settle on one that I like.  It gives me a chance to doodle a little too.  🙂  Then I get to work trying to find all those colors in my paper stashes…


Making stems and leaves

Next I start cutting!  I rarely paste right away. Mostly I just cut shapes and loosely lay things out how I might want them.


Peonies starting to take shape…

Once I start gluing shapes, I’m on my way.  My brain is constantly thinking about how I might assemble these components digitally.  Then I scan and assemble.  Here’s the final product:


My entry for the 2015 Global Talent Search!

It was a fun little assignment!  Looking forward to seeing what everyone puts together!  It’s always such a treat to look through the gallery of submissions.  I’ll try to post an update when it’s live.

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