“So, Jordan, what are you working on these days?”

I get asked this question a lot and I assume most people are not asking about what it’s like to be chasing my busy almost-three-year-old around. 😉  If you’re interested in what’s on my canvas lately, I thought I would start posting some super-short videos and pics of what’s happening in my studio.  I’ll try to do this once a month or so… maybe more if I think it might be interesting.  So, since you asked…here’s a peak at what’s happening this week in the studio.

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!  I’ve been working on a floral collection that got stalled out this spring.  I’m loving this one.  It totally appeals to my gardener/botany-nerd/ecology side.  Ahhhh…. plant books, glue, paper and some good tunes.  Heaven!

Our niece is visiting for the summer, so my studio has also been converted in to a kid summer camp craft headquarters.  I love this…  My mom was/is super crafty, so I have many fond memories of crafting away the days of my breaks from school.  I love encouraging the budding artist in our niece and little man.

Kid Chalk Art

Great chalk art masterpieces…

Kid Food Puppet CraftHow cute are these food puppets our niece made?!?  The kids did a puppet show complete with stage and curtains.  So cute and fun!

It’s HOT here.  Seriously.  This is unlike any summer I’ve ever experienced here in the Pacific Northwest.  We’re in a major drought and the plants here are all thirsty.  The conservationist in me has been doing my best to balance the need to be judicious with our water use and the need to water the garden, some not-so-drought-tolerant plants, and the kiddos’ endless desire for water play.  We opted for a little water colors instead today.  Fun!


So there you have it.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Wishing you joyous summer days full of laughter, popsicles and messy fingers!

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