Ahhh…. this was the last week of Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells class.  It was bittersweet for sure.  This week’s focus was on the Gift market.  Wow!  The possibilities are endless!  What a cool market.  We were instructed to design a vibrant piece for a zipper pouch.  With a lot of inspiration and guidance from Lilla and the amazing artists in her studio, I decided to really branch out this week.  I did not do any traditional media this time.  I decided to photograph some collections of natural materials – leaves, pinecones, berries, feathers, etc.  and use only Photoshop to make my piece.  This was waaaay outside my comfort zone, but really fun.  I tweaked out the colors of the components and then pieced them together into an “ink blot” type pattern.  Here’s the end result:


Like I said, it was a stretch for me, but a fun new adventure.  I am sad to see this class end.  It has provided such a wealth of information, inspiration and support.  I know I will need some time to re-read and digest all that we were given in the last five weeks.  Many of the classmates are signed up for Part B already.  I hope to be able to do that as well.  But there are some life circumstances  that I have to figure out and process before I can commit to that.  Fingers crossed that I can make it work. …   In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think of this piece since it is way outside my normal style.

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