When people see my work, they often mistake it for a painting. Once I describe the process and they get a closer look, they realize that it is a collage made from re-purposed paper (mostly junk mail and magazines). So I decided to do a little video of the process from start to finish to give you a glimpse into my technique of “painting with paper”. The collage video is about 7 minutes long, but this piece actually took about 8 hours to complete and is done on an 8″x8″ canvas.  (Yes, this technique takes time, but is so much fun!)



This Piece – “My Grandma”

I love doing portraits and since my grandmother recently passed away, I thought it would be a way to spend time thinking about her – reminiscing about her life and our time together. My grandmother was also a collage artist and the person who inspired me to do my first collage back when I was in middle school.  She was my personal hero for so many reasons, so doing this piece of her and documenting it in this way was a really cathartic process for me. I hope you enjoy it…


My Supplies:

People often ask me about the supplies I use.  I use mostly paper (junk mail and magazines) and scraps of this and that that I have collected along the way.  Aside from the paper, here are some links to my other favorite art supplies:


Thanks for watching!